Thursday, January 15, 2009

QingHuaTongFang Great Chinese notebook coverface disigner

Now,there is a great notebook Coverface disigning campaign in China.It is hosted by the famous company of QingHuaTOngFang.It takes a brainstorming way to let every surfer join its campaign.The whole advertisement is below:

This is a great brainstorming campaign.It will help the great Note book company QingHuaTongFang a lot.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Handwriting Banner in China

In China,a calligrapher always makes some good banners with their great hands.From the past to nowadays,you can see a lot of exquisite banner works.Each banner is specially designed.Handwriting Banner is often made into an article of decoration hung on the wall of a study or a lobby.Handwriting banner is also made into a tip which reminds someone to remember something inportant or encourage someone to finish a difficult dream or task.Actaully Every successful leader in China loves handwriting works.Most of them can write a beautiful banner using a Chinese writing brush.Today i will share some good finished works with you.If you like them, leave your commention or tell me your view by mail.

picture (1)

An art building Chinese banner

picture (2)

Cherishing your time banner with a seal of the author

picture (3)

An art salong Chinese banner

picture (4)

A great brank Chinese banner with a seal of the author

picture (5)

A good Chinese saying-

The fifth handwriting tells us that we should absorb the positive spirit and study from those successful figures in the past and nowadays.Handwrting banner is not only a art product,but also a spirit product.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Be careful of fake money

Picture one

picture two

Be careful of fake money


Nowadays there is a kind of fake paper money used in some bad guys in China. The government has made a action. In order to identificationsomeone has offered a good sample for us. This kind of fake paper money with a head number of HD90 is easy to find, this is the key point.

We can find seven key points for a real one hundred paper money as showed in picture one.

The first key point is the quality of paper money. Its water-print should be clear.

The second key point is the special logos such as China button and the words of China central bank.

The third key point is the mental silk among paper money. Fake money has a bad mental silk.

I think if you grasp these three points,that is enough to get a real paper money of Chinese currency.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Appreciating Chinese calligraphy of Tiaofu

This time we appreciate two running hand works of Tiaofu and one pen script work of Tiaofu.

The first Tiaofu tells us a Chinese poem from GuanWang.

--北宋-王观 水是眼波横,山是眉峰聚。欲问行人去那边?眉眼盈盈处。

The second Tiaofu tells us a Chinese poem from JiZhang.


The Third Tiaofu tells us a Chinese poem from BaiLi.

Each Tiaofu expresses a special feeling for a friend by a special script.

Enjoy beauty pictures of Chinese classic beauty

We live in a morden we have a chance to enjoy those beautify pictures from Chinese society.I have found more below.

we can not go back to the past,but we can see out fro these pictures that Chinese beauties are shy and inward.Lowing head,lowing eye,no direct facing,oh it is a oriental classic beauty.

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Chinese classic beauty picture

I do not know whether you have been to China.But i can tell you a truth that Chinese girl is the best in this world.In the past,about two hundred years ago, our great predecessors had made such a beautiful picture.Here is one.Do you like it?

Actually,When you have a chance to China,you will never want to go back home.

Jun Li, a new toper in China handwriting

Li Jun(李军) the word Le-Jun lives in Yan Habitat Jingshe of flowing water. He's born in Wuhan in 1977, graduated from arts and crafts. He is a member of Calligraphers Association in Hubei Province now, the executive editor of "meeting with paper and ink" newspaper, an elegant calligraphy,a creative arts center researcher. His Calligraphy works was selected to join the fifth Book Fair Exhibition in Hubei Province and the third new book shows。
I got some of his works below.

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