Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Handwriting Banner in China

In China,a calligrapher always makes some good banners with their great hands.From the past to nowadays,you can see a lot of exquisite banner works.Each banner is specially designed.Handwriting Banner is often made into an article of decoration hung on the wall of a study or a lobby.Handwriting banner is also made into a tip which reminds someone to remember something inportant or encourage someone to finish a difficult dream or task.Actaully Every successful leader in China loves handwriting works.Most of them can write a beautiful banner using a Chinese writing brush.Today i will share some good finished works with you.If you like them, leave your commention or tell me your view by mail.

picture (1)

An art building Chinese banner

picture (2)

Cherishing your time banner with a seal of the author

picture (3)

An art salong Chinese banner

picture (4)

A great brank Chinese banner with a seal of the author

picture (5)

A good Chinese saying-

The fifth handwriting tells us that we should absorb the positive spirit and study from those successful figures in the past and nowadays.Handwrting banner is not only a art product,but also a spirit product.

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