Saturday, February 22, 2014

Re I await your reply asap ??

Hello Dear

I know you don't know me but I meant no harm sending you this note, just that i don't have anyone out there to talk to,as i lost my parents when i was 8 and i am contacting you to help me as I am much in need of TRUST and help.I am a German Military officer under International Security Force in Afghanistan.

I have Two boxes deposited with a Eco New York Security Vault in United States, which contains some US Dollars which amounted to $3.8Million. I'm still on duty here in Afghanistan as Spokesman International Security Force if such amount of money is traced to my account, I shall be investigated hence i need you to assist me get the funds out in the private security Company in United States.

Let me know what lucrative investment we could go into , in your city. I Will forward your contact to the Security Officer in the Private security Company in United States immediately I hear from you as the Owners of the Boxes. I will offer you 30 percent, and you would help me invest in your Country.

All I need is your trust and we will get this done. I need your contact details and I will give you all information, including the package codes and delivery logistics.I will be so grateful if we could get this concluded as soon as possible and I hope you can make a perfect plan on how best you keep the Boxes secured,as that is the most important thing.I will provide to you the CODE to the the Boxes immediately you collected the boxes from the security Warehouse in United States.

I await your reply asap.
Best regards,
Brigadier General Jeffrey Raimondo Fernandez

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