Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Banqiao Zheng's calligraphy(2)

Two good pieces of Banqiao Zheng's calligraphy works. The first Tiaofu tells a complex story about a girl,Cao E,who was involved into a political thing.Cao E became a famous person later because of her clever and loyalty.Banqiao Zheng traveled to her famous tomb and made such a Five Characters couplet.(Simpled Chinese-青溪上虞女,侧召赴京师)

The second Tiaofu(条幅) is about another story in Three Kingdoms period of China which promotes a loyalty spirit.(Simpled Chinese-问自蜀历荆,楚,爱夷陵)

the first Tiaofu Written by Banqiao Zheng

The second Tiaofu Written by Banqiao Zheng

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